About Ron King

Ron King – A Brief History

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“Ron creates with easy grace images of great voice and character.” Ann Volmering

Ron King is widely recognized as a superb professional photographer and has won numerous awards over the years. His work has appeared in People magazine, among other national and Ron Kingregional publications. Born in the small town of Manson on Lake Chelan in Eastern Washington, Ron is a graduate of Washington State University where he studied anthropology. He began his photographic career in Wenatchee in 1973 and in 1981 moved to the Mount Vernon, Washington area where he then owned and operated a photography studio for many years.

During this period he also began the serious study of jazz piano, something he had been interested in since his days at college. His love of, and interest in, the jazz genres even led him at one point to teach a college class in the history of jazz, the people and cultures that led to the rich music and traditions that made it possible. 

Ron served many years on the state Board of Directors of the Professional Photographers of Washington and has been honored as a Life Member. He is a member of numerous local organizations involved with business and the arts, as well as a founding member of the Wednesday Group, a philanthropic organization and sort of local “think tank.”

In 1995, Ron developed an interest in adapting the computer for use in photography, first restoring old photos, retouching and enhancing images, and began his pioneering experiments in the artistic side of the medium. He created popular, creative artistic additions to his portrait and wedding photography business, always striving to add extra impact to their images. 

Then in 2016 Ron took his artistic endeavors in a new direction and began creating a new body of work, creating images that go well beyond the photographic image, and is still having fun.